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Contributed by admin on Aug 02, 2015 brings you news in many ways. One particular way of receiving the latest on is by RSS Feed. If you are unfamiliar with RSS feeds, it is a method whereby you allow a RSS link-botton of to be posted on your browser's personal toolbar (or other location depending on your browser's setup). Once on your personal toolbar, the RSS Feed button will post in realtime any new news items posted on the site. This allows you to check if any new articles have been posted without visiting the It also allows you to pick/choose the items of interest you would most be likely want to read. ...

(BE) International Conference Petrus Alamire - New Perspectives on Polyphony (18-23 Aug 2015)

Contributed by admin on Aug 02, 2015

Location: KU Leuven, Campus Carolus, Korte Nieuwstraat 33, Antwerp, Belgium

"Organised by the KU Leuven (Department of Musicology), Alamire Foundation (Leuven), AMUZ (Flanders Festival, Antwerp), in collaboration with Conference and Events Office KU Leuven.


In August 2015 the Alamire Foundation, International Centre for the Study of Music in the Low Countries, and the KU Leuven Musicology Dept., will organize an ambitious conference centred on the music scribe Petrus Alamire and his manuscripts. The event will coincide with ...

(BE) International Petrus Alamire Lab - Concert walk (22-23 Aug 2015)

Contributed by admin on Aug 02, 2015

"The International Young Artists Presentation held during Laus Polyphoniae 2015 has been rechristened the International Petrus Alamire Lab, for this years edition. The focus is on the musical oeuvre collected by Petrus Alamire in the countless manuscripts he created. Young musicians and ensembles draw inspiration from the music in Alamires manuscripts, leading to historical performances, contemporary adaptations or multidisciplinary creations. ...

(US) Lapham's Quartely Article: "Words Without Borders" By Matthew Battles (29 July 2015)

Contributed by admin on Aug 02, 2015

A millennium after ancient Greeks transcribed their myths, medieval scribes refashioned the written word into a republic of letters.

"In ancient Greece, writing arose among traders and artisans doing business in the markets with foreigners and visitors from other cities. Their alphabet emerged not in scribal colleges or the king’s halls, nor was it brought by conquerors, but instead came ashore in the freewheeling, acquisitive, materialistic atmosphere of the agora, the Greek marketplace that also birthed democracy and the public sphere. ...

(UK) Early Music Review -- Newly Posted Reviews

Contributed by admin on Aug 02, 2015

(From a recent Early Music Review newsletter)

From Early Music Review, news of fresh reviews that are now posted on their website.

"Brian Robins writes about The Gabrieli Consort and Players at the event formerly known as the Beaune Festival, Clifford Bartlett and Barbara Sachs comment on new editions, and a wide range of new HIP recordings is put under scrutiny by our team of regular contributors." ...

(US) Harmonia Early Music: "Smell the Roses" by Elizabeth Clark (20 Jun 2015)

Contributed by admin on Aug 01, 2015

"Roses are red, violets are blue…and this week on Harmonia, we invite you to go tripping through the tulips with us as we bring you a program of early music with texts inspired by both romantic and symbolic associations with flowers. Later in the program we’ll feature Anonymous 4’s recent recording, 1865: Songs of Hope and Home from the American Civil War. ...

(UK) Opera Today Review: "BBC Proms: The Cardinall’s Musick" (by Claire Seymour) (23 Jul 2015)

Contributed by admin on Aug 01, 2015

"When he was skilfully negotiating the not inconsiderable complexities, upheavals and strife of musical and religious life at the English royal court during the Reformation, Thomas Tallis (c.1505-85) could hardly have imagined that more than 450 years later people would be queuing round the block for the opportunity spend their lunch-hour listening to the music that he composed in service of his God and his monarch. ...

(UK) Cambridge University Press New Release: "The Manual of Musical Instrument Conservation"

Contributed by admin on Aug 01, 2015

Publication planned for: August 2015

"This is the first book to combine museum-based conservation techniques with practical instructions on the maintenance, repair, adjustment, and tuning of virtually every type of historical musical instrument. As one of the world's leading conservators of musical instruments, Stewart Pollens gives practical advice on the handling, storage, display and use of historic musical instruments in museums and other settings, and provides technical information on such wide-ranging subjects as  ...

(UK) Cambridge Woodwind Makers - Workshops on Instrument Making, Maintenance & Care

Contributed by admin on Jul 31, 2015

"Cambridge Woodwind Makers is a not for profit organisation, whose trustees are commited to providing a platform from which to preserve and teach the skills associated with woodwind instrument making. 

Located within the ACE Foundation cultural center at Stapleford Granary, Bury Road, Stapleford, Cambridge, CB22 5BP, UK.


It is our objective to make a difference. By bringing together the best resources possible into a new visitors centre and learning environment, we can inspire new people to get making and improve the skills of those who are willing to learn.

With these skills learnt and preserved, we will continue to have ...

(UK) Handel House: New instruments and Keeping Cool

Contributed by admin on Jul 30, 2015

(From a recent Handel House newsletter)

"Two new instruments have recently joined the Handel House collection. A 1752 bureau organ by Joseph Snetzler and a 1754 double manual harpsichord by Jacob Kirkman were very generously donated in memory of Ellie Warburg (1932-2014) of Hamden, Connecticut, USA. Both instruments are now installed in the house and it is hoped that they will be used for performances before too long.  ...

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