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What is the mission of the EarlyMusicNews.org website?


EarlyMusicNews.org, created in  July, 2005, publishes early music news related items. News items are submitted by the editorial staff or through the site’s membership. Through its networked membership, EarlyMusicNews.org, will act as a central clearing house of news to the international early music community. 

Core Values

EarlyMusicNews.org believes in open and accessible knowledge for all. Community involvement will provide impetus to the continuous feed of international news.


EarlyMusicNews.org hopes to provide an interesting and entertaining view of the international early music scene through its continual feed of up-to-date news items and categorized bank of weblinks. All of this through the free flow of disseminating materials.

Mission Statement

EarlyMusicNews.org will publish links to news items contributed by its international membership and will generally not create news items. Articles are provided with a link to a valid website where the original article has been posted. The article must be available for a reasonable period of time so as to provide legitimacy to the news items as well as provide readers with a valid link for their enjoyment. News items must provide information related to the early music field and be of general interest to the public. EarlyMusicNews.org, from time to time, may compose, create and post original news items where quoting directly from the original site is not possible. 

EarlyMusicNews.org will publish a list of links to early music website through its “Weblinks” pages. These will be sorted by categories and made available to the general public.

EarlyMusicNews.org reserves the right to accept/reject article and weblink submission(s).