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My organization/group would like to add a date to the Calendar. How would I/We go about posting this o­n the calendar?

EarlyMusicNews.org will not create a calendar date for you. If your organization wishes to post a calendar date, you must add the data to the article as well as provide a link to a legitimate site as well as provide a legitimate e-mail address. The date/link must be available for a reasonable period of time so as to provide legitimacy to the item as well as provide our readers with a valid link for their enjoyment. The calendar item must provide information related to the early music field and be of general interest to the public. EarlyMusicNews.org reserves the right to accept/reject the date submission.

EarlyMusicNews.org/MusiqueAncienne.org will not be held responsible for mis-printed dates or concert ticket prices. The accuracy of information will remain the sole responsibility of the posting group/individual. EarlyMusicNews will endeavour as best as possible, within reasonable time and availability of resources, to verify the accuracy of the dates published.

Why was my date not published?

You submission may not have been published for a variety of reasons. Feel free to contact admin@EarlyMusicNews.org for more information.

Where are your online events calendars?

You will find 2 calendars on the EarlyMusicNews.org site with a proposed future calendar in the works.

  • The “Early Music Historical Events Calendar“ found on the “Home” (Index) page lists the date of birth/death of past musicians/composers. The list was pulled from the Wikipedia website. Feel free to contribute to this particular calendar if you find a musician/composer missing from the list. Should you find an error, date corrections are much appreciated.

  • The “International Early Music Conferences and Festivals/Workshops” events calendar is found on the menu list. The list is from contributed dates sent in from various locations. Should you or your group wish to contribute any new event to this list, feel free to write to submit your event to: Admin@EarlyMusicNews.org. All events are verified to prevent spam infiltration.

  • The “International Concert Dates” will appear sometime in 2012. This calendar will list concert dates on all continents. The list of concert events will be pulled from various sources as well as from contribution from verified early music group calendar members. The calendar will make use of the “ical format standard” where contributor will submit concert events via this format. The ical submitted events will facilitate the import of events to the main calendar of concert events. The calendar will depend much on verified member contributions.

You cite many early music composers and artists on your Calendar. Where did you get the list?

The list was compiled on the Wikipedia pages. You may find these on the following pages: List of classical music composers by era.