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Web Links

Web Links



How do I add a Web Link?

Go to the Web Links section of the site and choose the "Add Link" option. Please follow the directions as stated o­n this page. Note that you must be a member to suggest/add/modify links o­n the site.


Why was my submission not published?

You submission may not have been published for a variety of reasons. Feel free to contact Admin@EarlyMusicNews.org for more information.

How would I go about modifying a web link?

There are two ways of entering a news item:

1. The prefered way is to join the membership to the site, go to the Web Links section of the site and choose the "Modify" button. Proceed modifying the link and when you have completed the modification choose the "Send Request" button. Your request will be examined by admin and will either be accepted or rejected.
2. Contact the admin to this site and suggest the modification to the link in question. You may address your suggestion to admin@EarlyMusicNews.org or click o­n the address found in the FAQ/Contact section.


Why was my modification not published?

You submission may not have been published for a variety of reasons. Feel free to contact admin@EarlyMusicNews.org for more information.

Country codes are added to the start of the "Subject Title" line of links. How do I know which one to use?

You can find the official ISO country code sets here: http://www.iso.org/iso/country_codes/iso-3166-1_decoding_table.htm

I tried to submit a link to a website under a second heading, since not o­nly does the website relate to a particular category on the EarlyMusicNews.org "Web Links" page but it has a very extensive links page and would therefore be usefully displayed both in one category and as a "Link to Links". Is it really not possible to have a link in two or more areas? I am sure there are many cases in which this would be relevant.

Unfortunately, the "Links" software used for the "EarlyMusicNews.org" site does not permit a doubling of entries. For example, in this case, to enter a particular site twice, a complementary entry under the "Links to Links" section linking the "Links" page of the entry would have to be entered. The issue with this however, is that while the official site URL rarely changes in name, the "Links" page could at some point change in name a little more readily. Hence a reluctance for most to avoid linking to specific pages on sites. I am hoping in the near future to revamp this section with a more sophisticated system that could address this issue. It would be preferable at this point to enter the formal URL of the website in question and to provide a more complete description of the advantages of the site in its description. The section where the entry would show on the EarlyMusicNews.org "Web Links" page should reflect the overall flavour of the "Mission Statement" of the entry in question. (ed.)

There are so many links. How do I find links with specific areas of interest? For example how can I find all sites dealing in "medieval music"?

The "Search" window of the "Web Links" section is a powerful tool. In this case you would enter "medieval music" in the search window and the engine will return the results where the word "medieval music" appear in the entry (whether in title; URL; or description body). You may also use word combinations such as "baroque music"; "early music"; "medieval music" etc. (ed.)

How do you keep your weblinks up to date when there are so many?

Every now and then the weblinks are verified by a website bot (robot). This lets us know if any of the links are dead. Submissions (from members) of problem links are verified and corrected as they are received. (ed.)

Do you endorse the websites showing on the "Weblinks" page?

The websites found on the "Weblinks" page have been selected by EarlyMusicNews.org as resources for additional information. EarlyMusicNews.org does not endorse any particular website nor will be held responsible for material found on these sites. (ed.)

How are websites appearing in "EarlyMusicNews.org Weblinks Revisited" articles picked?

The sites appearing in “EarlyMusicNews.org Weblinks Revisited” articles are picked at random from the random weblinks block that appears in the “Featured Random Weblink” block found on the “Home” page and at the top right column. No suggestions of website is accepted for these article in order to offer all listed sites equal opportunity of being highlighted on our pages. 

Can our group link to your Weblinks pages rather than developing a weblinks page of our own (on our website)?

The answer, in all cases, is of a resounding “yes” and of our approval. 

Consider this, to-date, there are over 2600 early music related websites listed on our weblinks pages; these sites are indexed into 48 different categories; the index is verified once or twice yearly by our own weblinks bot in order to identify any dead links; there are tools for site visitor feedback as to the information of the weblinks as well as to identify any dead links that may have not been found by our bot. While this verification process is not perfect, it does help in keeping the weblinks URL data as accurate as possible.

Why would you want to use our weblinks pages as you very own weblinks page on your site? It releases you of the tedious task of maintaining such a page while still allowing your input of its content. You may propose any missing early music weblink(s) as well as identify changes of pre-existing weblinks’ content or URL.

So, if you wish, go ahead and feel free to link to our weblinks page. After all, the idea of organizing the EarlyMusicNews.org weblinks is to make the early music community known to our website visitors and help disseminate any other information that connects us to all that is of early music.

Marc Paré