Workshops/Festivals 2008

Workshops/Festivals 2008: (AT) zeitenTANZ Dance Workshops (Sept. and Oct. 2008)

Contributed by Admin on Sep 05, 2008

An ABC of Baroque Dance

Introductory workshop for beginners / false beginners.  This workshop introduces to the basics of baroque dance style (17th-18th centuries). Try and dance selected sequences from well-known ballroom dances of the French court, like "Aimable Vainqueur" or "Gigue à deux" (= "Gigue de Roland")!

No previous knowledge required. No need to bring a partner.
Teacher: Alexander Fischer.
Date: September 27-28, 2008,  Sat. 4-7pm, Sun 11am-2pm ...
Dances of the Biedermeier era

This workshop introduces to the dances of the early Romantic Era in Vienna - the time of Schubert and Beethoven. Early figured waltzes, lively quadrilles and graceful laendlers (allemandes/German dances) are as enjoyable now as when the young Lanner and Strauß conducted their famous dance orchestras.

Suitable for beginners. No need to bring a partner!

Teacher: Pia Brocza 
Date: October 11 / 14 / 21, 2008,   Sat.
10am-1pm,  Tue.s 6-9pm

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