Workshops/Festivals 2008

Workshops/Festivals 2008: (IT) GiuseppeTumiati, Luthier -- Summer Classes (Between July 1-August 31/2008)

Contributed by Admin on Jul 25, 2008

"Summer Classes 2008 -- This year too I'm offfering my summer classes: ten days of luthery full immersion, you can chose:
  • Propedeutical
  • Work at my workshop
  • Repair
  • Build your own instrument
When -- available period is between July 1st and August 31th 2008. You can chose freely you ten days, independently from the presence of other students ...

The instruments
-- For the "Repaire" class you are more than welcome to bring your own instruments and to work o­n it, then a lot of practice will be done o­n "spare" parts.

The standard for "Build your own instrument" and "Work at my workshop" classes will be a Renaissance Lute (student, 7 course), or a Guitar (student, classical or acoustic) or a student Violin, but if you want to build something different ask for it, we'll see if it is possible. 

You can chose to do everything by yourself or to have a little help by me or even to use some pre-shaped part, just to be sure you can finish your work within your ten days. "

Visit the GiuseppeTumiati, Luthier -- Summer Classes website for more information. (ed.)