Workshops/Festivals 2008

Workshops/Festivals 2008: (NL) Festival Oude Muziek Utrecht (August 29-September 7/2008)

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Siglos de Oro – Centuries of Gold
Renaissance Polyphony of the Iberian Peninsula

"In the magical year 1492, the foundation was laid for an unparallelled imperium that would dominate the world’s history for some 200 years.

It was the year of the fall of Granada, with which Ferdinand and Isabella, Spain’s catholic rulers, ended the Islamic influence of 700 years. It was also the year Cristóbal Colon discovered America.

While in the 14th and 15th centuries, Franco-Flemish polyphony reigned in all of Europe, in the course of the 16th century Italy as well as Spain nurtured their own musical styles.
Nevertheless, Spain’s Renaissance music has long stood in the shadow of its Italian cousin. There is a number of reasons for this. o­ne is the regime of General Franco, that put a considerable delay o­n the rediscovery of the Spanish musical heritage and the relatively late blossoming of the Spanish early music movement.

Anno 2008, however, Spain has clearly caught up, so that the ten-day Festival Oude Muziek Utrecht had no trouble at all to dedicate 90% of its concerts – that is: over 50 concerts in the main programme – to Spanish Renaissance polyphony.

Siglos de Oro – Centuries of Gold – is the theme, because it was not o­nly the 16th, but also the 17th century that resonated of the Renaissance, in Spain as well as in Latin America. It is music of great delicacy and profundity, with often a surprisingly low level of ‘olé’. ... "

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