Workshops/Festivals 2008

Workshops/Festivals 2008: (PL) Early Music Festival, Jaroslaw (August 17-24/2008)

Contributed by Admin on Jul 12, 2008

Songs of Our Roots

"The NGO Association "Early Music in Jaroslaw" was founded in 1995. The aim of the Association is to spread early and traditional culture, mostly in the environment of Jaroslaw. Major part of the Association's mambers are the young people who are particularly interested in developing profound understanding of tradition. Popularising of early music is the principle of the whole year's activity of Association comprising of organising concerts and workshops as well as preparing, organising and realising the Jaroslaw Early Music Festival "Song of Our Roots". ...
Activities of the Association are divided into groups of people who work o­n particular subject and participate in meetings/seminars led by invited guests. These meetings with professionals have character of formation and are intended to acquaint the youth with traditoin and draw attention to what is tradition's most precious value. Invited specialists talk about their experience and attempts to research and arrive to the sources of tradition as well as teaching us songs and dances connected with ancient culture."

Visit Early Music Festival, Jaroslaw website for more information and music programme. (ed.)