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News 2005-2009: (AU) A reconstruction of Siccama's 1-key flute (patent c. 1845)

Contributed by Admin on Nov 01, 2009

“In 1845, Abel Siccama submitted a patent illustrating 4 different flutes.  One of them was the flute with which his name is now linked, although he at first called it the  Diatonic.  Thousands of these have been made by Siccama and other makers, assuring him of a permanent place in flute history. 

The other three appear not to have been manufactured, a matter of no great significance, but one blown out of proportion by his chief detractor, Rockstro, and still trotted out occasionally even now.  Perhaps not every idea Bill Gates came up with was a winner.  Who cares?  You only need one good idea to come in to change history. ..

.. .  consumed with curiosity, Vancouver researcher and flute player Adrian Duncan has commissioned me (Terry McGee)  to attempt a reconstruction to answer these questions.  ..“

Visit website for more details: Terry McGee -- Reconstruction of Siccama's 1-key flute