News 2005-2009

News 2005-2009: (CN) Giant organs settle on China's piano island -- Chinese Organ Museum

Contributed by Admin on Nov 01, 2009

While unclear if period organs do exist in the collection at the newly formed Chinese Museum, the existence of such an institution may prove interesting to our readership. 

“ XIAMEN, Fujian Province -- Two giant pipe organs have made the journey of thousands of miles from an English church and an American city to a small Chinese island, where locals can now enjoy "the sound of heaven". 

Organist Fang Site looked extremely small when she sat in front of the keyboards of the 100-year-old Norman & Beard pipe organ.

As the 160-cm-tall young lady smoothly played J.S. Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D minor with this two-floor-high instrument, the solemn sound could be heard all round the hall under a ten-meter-high Romanesque dome. ..”

Visit Chinese newsite for more information. (ed.): China Daily