Workshops/Festivals 2010

Workshops/Festivals 2010: (DE) 42nd International Heinrich Schütz Festival, Kassel (Oct. 28-Nov. 3, 2010)

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“Heinrich Schütz and Europe”

The International Heinrich Schütz Society cordially invites you to the 42nd International Heinrich Schütz Festival.  From 28 October – 3 November 2010 in Kassel, under the banner “Heinrich Schütz and Europe”, plans are in place for numerous concerts, two main lectures, exhibitions, a choral project for active choristers and an international scholarly symposium in conjunction with the “Ständige Konferenz Mitteldeutsche Barockmusik e.V.” [Standing Conference of Central-German Baroque Music] focusing on “Heinrich Schütz and Europe” and “Heinrich Schütz in Kassel”.  The Festival is integrated with the Kasseler Musiktage 2010 (which, until 14 November 2010, offers more events of interest under the banner “Kreuzungen – Elend und Glanz” [Intersections – Misery and Splendour]).

There will be concerts of early and modern music in settings of all kinds from across Europe: music from the time of Schütz as well as from the late 17th and early 18th centuries, but also from the late 19th, 20th and even the 21st centuries; and composers ranging from Landgrave Moritz “the Learned”, Heinrich Schütz and Giovanni Gabrieli, to such equally familiar names as Louis Couperin, Johann Jacob Froberger, and Jean-Marie Leclair, up to Gustav Mahler, Jan Cikker, Thomas Daniel Schlee und Lucia Ronchetti.  A new work by Ronchetti will be premiered in which the composer has incorporated Schütz’s Musikalische Exequien whereby she continues a tradition to which Cikker’s 1964 adaptation of Schütz’s “Selig sind die Toten” also belongs.  Early-music specialists number among the artists and ensembles of the Schütz Festival, but also the chamber ensemble Neue Musik Berlin in addition to local ensembles: the Kassel State Orchestra, the Vokalensemble Kassel, and various Kassel choirs.

In the course of the two keynote lectures, the public will become even more aware of the theme of the Schütz Festival, “Heinrich Schütz and Europe”, as well as the links between Schütz and Kassel.

The Schütz Festival will be augmented by two exhibitions in the Kassel Museum für Sepulkralkultur [Museum of Funerary Culture].  Under the title “Mit Fried und Freud fahr ich dahin” [“With Peace and Joy I now depart”, the first line of the hymn by Martin Luther] artifacts of Protestant funerary culture in the early modern era will be on display.  One of the concerts is devoted to this occasion, predominantly with instrumental lamentations or Tombeaus by French composers.  Moreover, there will be an exhibition of manuscripts, prints and graphic representations from Schütz’s time drawn from the collection of Kassel’s Landesbibliothek and Murhardschen Bibliothek.

All who enjoy the music of Heinrich Schütz and his time, and who wish to know and experience more about the European elements of this music and its effects up to the present day, are cordially invited to come to Kassel and – be it as active singers or engaged listeners – to take part in the 42nd International Heinrich Schütz Festival.

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