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News 2005-2009: (DE) Frederick the Great’s Flute Sounds for First Time in Centuries

Contributed by Admin on Oct 18, 2009

“Oct. 12 (Bloomberg) -- A flute that once belonged to Frederick the Great was played in concert for the first time in 250 years last Saturday.

At a special performance on Usedom, the Baltic Sea island best known as the place where the Nazis developed and tested the V-2 rocket, the instrument had its first public outing since the Prussian monarch (1712-1786) played it at his Potsdam palace.

The instrument, made in 1750 by the king’s flute teacher Johann Joachim Quantz, still belongs to the aristocratic Hohenzollern family. This year’s theme at the Usedom Festival is Prussia, and Prussian Prince Georg Friedrich is honorary president of the festival. It was his idea to liberate the family flute from its museum case for the concert. .. “

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