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News 2010: (EU) Antonio Vivaldi (The Vivaldi Link site)

Contributed by Admin on Jun 10, 2010

That Antonio Vivaldi’s name is know the world over can be attributed almost entirely to a single piece of music, The Four Seasons, first published in 1725 and still enjoying tremendous success today. Who would have thought that tucked away in the composers private library were hundreds of other pieces from his hand ranging from operas and sacred music to hundreds of concertos for one, two, three or more instruments. Most of it had not been published in his lifetime and was consequently forgotten after his death. Incredibly, this vast collection of music reappeared nearly intact in 1930 when it was purchased by the Biblioteca Nazionale in Turin, Italy,  but it is only in recent years  that this music has begun to be recorded and included in public concerts.

Vivaldi’s life is shrouded in mystery and myth. What are the facts? Scholars have been working for years slowly piecing together Antonio Vivaldi’s biography. Their publications however, tend to be in specialised journals that are not easily accessible to the non-specialist. Much of the information on this site has been based on the meticulous work of a handful of Vivaldi scholars whose names and works can be found in the bibliography.

The purpose of this site is to provide the public with accurate, documented biographical information in an easy-to-consult format that will continually be updated as new elements come to light. It addition, it provides difficult to find information on modern editions of Vivaldi’s music, a bibliography, a tour map of Vivaldi’s Venice, and a listing of all recordings of Vivaldi’s music since 1999. Here you will be able to listen to much of Vivaldi’s music, see “backstage” films of recording sessions and listen to radio interviews which function as a guide to listening to Vivaldi’s music. Finally, a forum will allow the public to ask questions and exchange ideas.

In 2000 the Vivaldi Edition recording project was launched to record Vivaldi’s music in a systematic order in performances by some of today’s finest specialists in the field. Slowly the public has begun to discover the operas, the sacred and secular vocal music, the myriad instrumental concertos and much more. Our perception of Vivaldi is changing and his position in our cultural history is being reassessed. An exceptional chapter in our musical heritage that had been severly overshadowed is being unveiled – an exciting moment for all.

Visit The Vivaldi Link website for more information and music listening.