Early Music Concerts 2000-2009

Early Music Concerts 2000-2009: The Clerks - In Memoria Tour

Contributed by Upbeatclassical on Apr 10, 2008

In Memoria Tour - 'A stunning, profound and moving new musical project from vocal group The Clerks' during May / June 2008. ...

The group will be performing a programme of Renaissance & Contemporary music in spaces never usually associated with music - caves, warehouses, skyscrapers, stations, factories - presenting an unforgettable soundscape of music and words o­n the themes of death and rememberance.

Performance dates include Friday 30th May 2008 at National Coal Mining Museum, Wakefield, Saturday 31st May at Crossness Pumping Station, Bexley, Friday 6th June at Victoria Baths, Manchester, Saturday 7th June at Kempton Steam, Twickenham.

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