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News 2005-2009: (UK) Royal Society's 350th anniversary -- Trailblazing Timeline Site

Contributed by Admin on Nov 30, 2009

“As the UK’s academy of sciences and the world’s oldest science academy, we want people all over the UK to join with us in celebrating 350 years of scientific achievement and endeavour.

That is why we are undertaking such a broad and exciting programme of activities – exhibitions, lecture, conferences, a new book, a vast science festival on the South Bank in London, television and radio broadcasting and much more besides.

On these pages, you can find out more about our anniversary year – with activities to inspire adults and families, scientists and non-scientists alike.

Revisit the site regularly to find out more about the programme as it happens throughout the year.

We look forward to seeing further with you in 2010. ..“

Of particular interest is the  Royal Society’s “Trailblazing” site where you can find for example an article of young Mozart (c.1779) -- move the timeline to this date as well as more of the Royal Society’s printed material. (ed.)

Visit the Royal Society site or the Trailblazing site for more information.