Workshops/Festivals 2010

Workshops/Festivals 2010: (US) Early Dance at Longy Summer Workshop 2010 (July 25–31, 2010)

Contributed by Admin on May 03, 2010

An intensive workshop in early dance, with emphasis on baroque dance but also including a daily late-renaissance dance class. Intended for experienced dancers with a serious interest in early dance, the workshop will include classes in technique, repertoire, and dance notation, with opportunities for independent projects and performance. 
The early dance workshop will run concurrently with the International Baroque Institute at Longy (IBIL), allowing the possibility of joint performances with IBIL students. Dancers are welcome to attend IBIL lectures and performances as the schedule allows.

To complement the year’s IBIL theme, “Music of J.S. Bach and Sons”, the 2010 workshop will include sessions on possible choreographic approaches to J.S. Bach’s music.

Visit the  Early Dance at Longy Summer Workshop website for more information.