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News 2005-2009: (US) Student Builds Contrabass Recorder

Contributed by Admin on Nov 10, 2009

“by Greg Benson '11  | November 5, 2009

When Music Professor Ruth Griffioen suggested to Evan Callaway ‘12 that he spend his scholarship money building a six-foot-tall instrument that lost popularity after the 17th Century she was joking. However, the computer science major and music minor said he "took it more as a challenge than as a joke."

Callaway spent most of his summer building a contrabass recorder, with the finished product being only slightly shorter than he is. His creation will make its public debut during the William & Mary Early Music Ensemble's fall concert on Saturday, Nov. 7 at 8 p.m. in the Wren Great Hall. Admission is free. ..“

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