Early Music Concerts 2012-2013

Early Music Concerts 2012-2013: (BE) AMUZ Concert Listings (Nov-Dec 2012)

Contributed by Admin on Nov 13, 2012

(From a recent AMUZ newsletter)

Location:  Kammenstraat 81 - 2000 Antwerpen BE

The most recent AMUZ newsletter informs us of the busy schedule ahead for the rest of the months of November and December. Below you will find the dates of performances. …



AMUZ is an international music centre, hosting cultural, educational and research activities. The concert programme of AMUZ is inspired by the criteria of Historically Informed Performance (HIP): on the basis of a historically valid approach, music from all periods, styles and cultures is presented to a broad public in a creative, re-invigorating and accessible way. Often music also engages in a dialogue with the other arts. For the achievement of this broad aim AMUZ can take advantage of a baroque monument – the former church of St Augustine – a felicitous environment adapted with advanced technology so as to offer a modern concert hall that provides unsurpassed acoustics to boot. Furthermore, AMUZ integrates other historical buildings of the city of Antwerp as venues, more specifically during the events organized in the framework of the Flanders Festival-Antwerp.”