Early Music Concerts 2012-2013

Early Music Concerts 2012-2013: (CA) Arion Baroque Orchestra Concert: "Christmas Symphonies" (21 Dec 2012)

Contributed by admin on Dec 13, 2012

(From a recent Arion Baroque Orchestra newsletter)

Christmas: a time of rejoicing, enchantingly depicted by Michel Corrette! Celebrate our kick-off to the holidays with Arion as we perform excerpts of Corrette's Symphonies des Noëls.

Chantal Rémillard and Tanya LaPerrière baroque violin; Jacques-André Houle, viola; Amanda Keesmaat, cello; Mélisande McNabney, harpsichord …


  • Symphonie des Noëls no 2 in D major, Michel Corrette (1707-1795) 
  • Duo no 6 for two violins, in G major, Michel Corrette
  • Symphonie des Noëls no 4 in D minor, Michel Corrette
  • Sonata for harpsichord with violin accompagniement op.25 no 4 in E minor, Michel Corrette
  • Les Amusements d'Appolon chez le Roi Admète , Michel Corrette
  • Symphonie des Noëls no 5 in A minor, Michel Corrette
  • Symphonie des Noëls no 6 in A major, Michel Corrette 

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