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News 2012: (CA) Chants de Vielles Date Change!

Contributed by Admin on Jun 24, 2012

(From the latest Chants de Vielles newsletter)

“For eight years, the organization Chants de Vielles has produced a festival on the second weekend  of September in the little village of Calixa-Lavallée in the Montérégie region of Québec, a cultural event of superb quality and artistic impact. …

The festival has been a success due to the strong support of a variety of valuable resources : volunteers, impassioned festival-goers, generous people who made a heartfelt commitment as well as collaborators and partners from within the community.

Proud of what we have done to date, the festival is nonetheless conscious of the ongoing challenge of producing an event of this quality in a rural setting.

The need to work on this new plan has led us to a decision to take a one-year break for 2012 with the new, improved festival returning in the early summer of 2013. From now until then, Chants de Vielles will offer regional events throughout the year, thus attaining the organization’s goal to establish annual visibility for the festival.

Out of respect for the interests of the community and the expectations of festival-goers, Chants de Vielles has decided to reinvent itself and improve on the basic structure already in place in order to continue on into the next decade. With this in mind and in accordance with our mission, the organization will take the time to properly plan for the future of this festival with a particular focus on the ability to accommodate the growing number of attendees.

We will be sending out information about upcoming Chants de Vielles events as well as next year’s official festival dates shortly, also via Facebook and our newsletter.”


Visit the Chants de Vielles for more information of the festival.