Early Music Concerts 2012-2013

Early Music Concerts 2012-2013: (FR) Ensemble Céladon (Newsletter No. 57 - 7 jun 2012)

Contributed by Admin on Jun 11, 2012

(From the latest Ensemble Céladon newsletter)

The most recent newsletter from Ensemble Céladon reminds us of the upcoming events:

  • 20 June: Deo Gratias Anglia / Eglise de Largentière (07), FR
  • 30 June: Baroque Land Prieuré de Saint-Romain-Le-Puy (42), FR

Additionally, you may be interested in hearing a podcast of a recent airing of the …

programme “Un Mardi Idéal“ presented by Arièle Butaux on France Musique (5 June 2012) : podcast (podcast available till July 5th).

There is also an invitation to discover the first reviews of the CD “Deo Gratias Anglia” on the blog:

Visit the Ensemble Céladon website for more information and for ticket availability to the upcoming concerts.