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News 2012: (FR) Festes de Thalie Newsletter (04 jun 2012)

Contributed by Admin on Jun 05, 2012

(From the latest newsletter of the Festes de Thalie)

If you have participated or sadly missed the last festival Brillamment Baroque in Yvelines, you are invited to visit the following links where you will find photos of the festival and concerts[1] (see below).

As well, the online sign-up and information pages for the “Rencontres internationales de l’abbaye de Vignogoul” worskhop and concerts are now available on the France-Orpheon site[2].

[1] Workshop, concerts (Essarts-le-Roi,Château de Thoiry, Vicq museum and Auteuil-le-Roi) and the apéritif concert at the end of the workshop

[2]  Rencontres internationales de l'abbaye de Vignogoul, and inscriptions