Workshops/Festivals 2012

Workshops/Festivals 2012: (IL) The 3rd International Tel Aviv Early Music Seminar (1-9 oct 2012)

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Location: Tel Aviv, Sukkot, IL

The Music of the 17th & 18th Centuries
Music Director: Drora Bruck

“A unique course focusing on music from the 17th and 18th centuries. While familiarizing themselves with the culture and customs of the period and their impact on the development of music and musicians, students will enjoy nine days of studying, playing, singing, attending master classes, workshops and listening to and performing in concerts,in the pleasant atmosphere of the new building of The Israeli Conservatory of Music, Tel Aviv. …

This year the seminar will focus on the Cantatas from different European countries in various languages.

The number of participants in the seminar is limited and musicians will be accepted after auditions.

The seminar is open to singers and players of the following instruments: piano, harpsichord, bowed string instruments, wind instruments and plucked string instruments.

During the seminar the participants will become familiar with repertoire; learn improvisation, ornamentation, rhetoric and figured bass; and receive lessons for improving technique from a team of international artists, who will be available to them in classes and workshops. During the week the students and teachers will prepare a concert that will be open to the public. …”


Kees Boeke (Holland) – Recorder
Kenneth Weiss (United States) – Harpsichord , stylistic coaching for players and singers
Antonella Gianese (Italy) – Singing
Rainer Zipperling (Germany) – Baroque bowed string instruments
Noam Krieger (Holland) – Harpsichord, coaching for singers
Drora Bruck (Israel) – Recorders
Tamar Lalo (Israel-Spain) – Recorder for young players
Dr. Alon Schab (Israel) – History, Theory
Dr. Uri GolombHistory, Theory
Ayala Sicron (Israel) – Singing
Dr. Myrna Herzog (Israel) – Viola da gamba
Sharon Rosner (Israel) – Viola da gamba
Orit Messer Jacobi (Israel) – Baroque cello
Zohar Shefi (Israel) – Harpsichord

Registration Deadline

The Registration to the seminar will end by July 7th 2012.

One should send the completed forms by email to If you can’t send email, please fax +973-3-6055169 The hard copy should arrive by mail to:

Israeli Conservatory of Music, Tel Aviv
19 Stricker st. Tel Aviv, 62002 ISRAEL (for Drora Bruck)

Download a copy of the brochure with registration form from here.