Workshops/Festivals 2012

Workshops/Festivals 2012: (IT) Cantar Lontano Festival 2012 (28 jun-15 jul 2012)

Contributed by Admin on Jun 24, 2012

For the fourteenth edition of the Festival Cantar Lontano 2012 wings carry you and our audience on virtual routes and destinations ... El Dorado, Nice, San Francisco, Venice and ten other locations accessible by a flight of thought and through the only non-polluting fuel: Music.  …

Discover how easy it is to board on such a trip with our company. … Download and prepare the boarding card for a weekend-filled music …”

By using the metaphor of flight, this version of Cantar Lontano Festival 2012 logs you onto different flights (concerts) to destinations abroad (venues). The different concert “destinations” are carefully picked to reflect the appropriate national style of interpretation of the various works.

Visit the Cantar Lontano Festival 2012 website for more information. You may download the concert programme from the site. As an added touch, the site also offers the “Cantar Lontano 2012 CD” which is described as follows in their most recent newsletter:

“The Cantar Lontano 2012 CD is ready: a traditional appointment with Marco Mencoboni for an overview of the Festival programme. Listen to his conversation with Guido Barbieri, music critic and memorable voice of Radio 3 Rai. Delve into the Festival programme and share it with your friends. Become acquainted with the protagonists of the Festival by listening to the various excerpts. But above all, choose the appointments you don’t want to miss. …”