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Weblinks Revisited: (NL) COLLEGIUM MUSICUM Den Haag (CMDH)

Contributed by Admin on Apr 04, 2012

COLLEGIUM MUSICUM Den Haag was founded in 2006 by young, talented, energetic musicians, united under the direction of Brazilian/Italian harpsichordist Claudio Ribeiro. These musicians were drawn to Holland from all over the world in order to perfect themselves with the finest, most respected musicians in Baroque music today.

A new generation of musicians asked for a different, own way of performing Early Music. The research and continuous performance of this repertoire carried out by the previous generations since the middle of the 20th century led to a moment of transformation, a sort of enlightenment, when a new way of looking at this music was reached. The well known repertoire asked now for a new reading, with a deeper understanding, but also enhanced by new findings on Historical Performance Practice (instruments, playing techniques, articulation, phrasing...). Young professionals of Early Music, who grew up already listening to the historical performance of this music, were ready to put this new interpretation into practice. CMDH was created as a vehicle to express these new (yet old!) ideas …”

Visit the COLLEGIUM MUSICUM Den Haag (CMDH) website for more information of the group as well as details of upcoming concerts.

Reincken Festival
Friday May 18th 2012 7:30 PM
Location: Lebuinuskerk - Deventer
Italian Music published in Amsterdam by Estienne Roger. 

Private concert
Saturday October 6th 2012 2:00 PM
Location: Edam
Chamber ensemble of CMDH. 

Muziek in de Bonifatius
Sunday October 28th 2012 3:00 PM
Location: Bonifatiuskerk - Van Vredenburchweg 69, Rijswijk
Chamber ensemble of CMDH.
High Baroque German.


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