Early Music Concerts 2012-2013

Early Music Concerts 2012-2013: (IT) TREBANTIQUA - Early Music in the Aniene Upper Valley (16 jun – 18 aug 2012)

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Press Release

The historical town of Trevi nel Lazio (province of Frosinone), in the charming, unspoilt upper valley of the Aniene river, hosts the first edition of TREBANTIQUA, International Early Music Season (June 16 – August 18 2012). This first edition presents 6 concerts of high musical standards, with performers from Italy, Europe and the United States. All concerts are free of charge; 4 of them will be hosted in the Church of Santa Maria Assunta, making use of the impressive, XVII cent. Bonifazi organ, and the remaining 2 in the beautiful Caetani Castle, where also a little archaeological museum can be visited.



Saturday, June 16 9pm – Church of Santa Maria Assunta

"Between Renaissance and Baroque"

Compositions by H.Praetorius, M.Rossi, Frescobaldi, Sweelinck, Cabezon, Arauxo, Picchi

David Schrader (U.S.A.), Bonifazi organ (1634)


Friday, July 6 9pm – Church of Santa Maria Assunta

"Baroque virtuoso"

Violin and organ music from the XVII cent.

Cynthia Freivogel (Netherlands), violin

Gwendolyn Toth (U.S.A.), Bonifazi organ (1634)


Saturday, August 4 9pm - Church of Santa Maria Assunta

"Susan and her knight"

Compositions and improvisations based on the medieval song "Susanne ung jour"

Liselotte Emery (France), cornet

Adrien Branger (France), sacqueboute (baroque trombone)

Fabrice Martinez (France), Bonifazi organ (1634)


Saturday, August 11 9pm - Church of Santa Maria Assunta

"Italy – Germany"

Compositions by Reincken, Frescobaldi, J.S.Bach, C.P.E.Bach

Ivan Sarajishvili (Norway), Bonifazi organ (1634)


Tuesday, August 14 9pm - Caetani Castle

"Voices and Sounds from Germany"

Compositions by Handel, G.Muffat, Hellendaal, Albicastro

Irene Morelli (Italy), soprano

Alessandro Mancuso (Italy), violin

Nicola Paoli (Italy), cello

Giuseppe Schinaia (Italy), harpsichord


Sabato 18 agosto, ore 21 – Caetani Castle

"Voices from Arcadia"

Compositions by Haydn, Tartini, Rossini, Schimon, Mozart, Gluck, Kuhlau, Sor

Silvia Scozzi (Italy), soprano

Flavia Di Tomasso (Italy), violin

Michela Senzacqua (Italy), fortepiano


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Artistic Director: Giuseppe Schinaia - Secretary: Luisa Pietrangeli