Early Music Concerts 2011-2012

Early Music Concerts 2011-2012: (UK) The Bach Players Concert Tour: "Bach’s Library" with Marion Moonen (flute) (27-30 jun 2012)

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Cambridge Early Music: St John’s College Chapel, Cambridge (27 June, 2012)
St John’s Downshire Hill, London NW3 (28 June, 2012)
The Octagon Chapel, Norwich (29 June, 2012)
Music in Lyddington: St Andrew’s, Lyddington (30 June, 2012)

The Bach Players present a selection of pieces that J.S. Bach had in his library and which provide a context for his celebrated Orchestral Suite in B minor. The flute was the fashionable instrument of the mid-eighteenth century and will take a prominent role in our programme.

Some of these works J.S. Bach copied in his own hand (Dieupart and Johann Bernhard Bach), and one exists in his brother Christoph’s hand (Alcide by Marais, in arrangement for harpsichord). J.S. Bach was a subscriber to the printed edition of the Telemann Paris Quartets.

Next to the popular B minor Suite by Bach – a chance to hear the delightful Badinerie as it should be played rather than as a mobile phone ringtone! –  and one of Telemann’s Paris Quartets, you will discover lesser known pieces by French and German composers. This is charming and light-hearted repertoire, a perfect entertainment for a summer evening.

The Bach Players’ concerts are informal and notably friendly occasions, removed from the frigid atmosphere of the old classical concert. Where appropriate, the music is introduced by a musician in short spoken explanations. The musicians are not on a podium and they mingle with the audience in the interval. Wine and soft drinks are served and can be drunk while the music is played.

The music from this concert will be recorded by The Bach Players on 2–4 July, for release on CD early in 2013

The Programme

  • Johann Bernhard Bach (1676–1749), Ouverture no. 2 in G major
  • Marin Marais (1656–1728), movements from his opera Alcide arranged for harpsichord
  • Georg Philipp Telemann (1681–1767), Paris Quartet no. 6 in E minor
  • Charles Dieupart (c.1667–c.1740), Suite no. 6 in F minor
  • Johann Sebastian Bach (1685–1750), Orchestral suite no. 2 in B minor, BWV 1067

The Musicians

  • Marion Moonen flute,
  • Nicolette Moonen violin
  • Rachel Isserlis violin
  • Rachel Stott viola
  • Jonathan Manson cello / viola da ganba
  • Lynda Sayce theorbo
  • Silas Wollston harpsichord

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