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News 2011: (UK) The English Concert: The Annual Big Give Christmas Challenge (5-9 Dec 2011)

Contributed by Admin on Dec 01, 2011

The annual Big Give Christmas Challenge doubles online donations to charities during Big Give week. 

In the 2010 Challenge, our Trustees, Friends, Patrons and Supporters helped us raise £120,000 for our highly successful 2011 Spitalfields Festival residency.  We were deeply grateful and deeply touched by such amazing generosity from so many people, who donated sums ranging from £5 to £5000, each doubled by the Big Give. 

Inspired and encouraged, this year we aim to raise £100,000 for a 2012 residency at the Foundling Museum where we will present three concerts as part of their Vauxhall Gardens Exhibition and give a Master Class for aspiring young harpsichordist-directors, led by our artistic director, Harry Bicket.

How are we doing so far?
We have received - 

• £25,000 in pledges from charitable trusts
• £25,000 in personal pledges from Trustees, Patrons and Friends of TEC 

Running total £50,000

What do we still need to achieve?
• £25,000 in online donations in December which, matched, will reach our target of £100,000

Remember, every pound donated online will be matched by the Big Give. 

When will it happen?
5-9 December.  It will be possible to donate from 10.00am on Monday 5 December and at the same time for the rest of the week. We will provide a dedicated donation link.

To find out more about the Big Give and our 2011 Big Give project visit and enter keyword "English Concert". Also visit the English Concert website for more information.