Discography: (US) Ariama Article: "Front Runners For The Best of the Year" by Craig Zeichner (12 jun 2012)

Contributed by Admin on Jun 20, 2012

“I recently moved offices and some of the fun of moving was sorting through the recordings I’ve accumulated since the beginning of the year. Boxes and boxes of CDs found their way to my new office space and out of this treasure trove I selected some of the very best for our mid-year wrap-up. These recordings are the front-runners for our end-of-year Ariama’s Acclaimed feature. …

To make the selection process manageable, I selected three albums from each of the chief genres. I’m sure you will find some favorites of your own in the list. Did I miss an album that you think belongs? Please let me know. …”

Read the full article to discover the early music related recording picks by Craig Zeichner at Ariama!