Conferences 2012

Conferences 2012: (US) Historical Harp Society Annual Conference (27-29 June 2012)

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Location: Hunter College in Manhattan, New York


  • To cultivate, foster, sponsor, and develop appreciation of the art, history, literature and uses of historical harps.
  • To promote appreciation of and to raise the level of proficiency in the performance and use of historical harps.
  • To keep historical harp makers and performers, along with other friends of the historical harp, informed about literature and activities pertaining to historical harps, and to provide occasions for them to meet.
  • To promote the use of historical harps as professional instruments, and to encourage their use among amateurs.
  • To encourage the reconstruction of historical harps.
  • To collect and disseminate information regarding the construction of and performance upon historical harps.”
Visit the Historical Harp Society website for more details of their conference.