Workshops/Festivals 2011

Workshops/Festivals 2011: (US) Amherst Early Music Baroque Festival 2012 (8-24 Jul 2012)

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& Baroque Opera Project: Der geduldige Socrates

Auditions due April 15 (information will be posted shortly, e-mail your contact information and your instrument or voice range to to be notified)  One week of advanced classes and coachings in baroque music from the German-speaking lands. Masterclasses, chamber music, baroque orchestra, fully staged baroque opera.

Music of the German Lands
Flutes and Drums at the Amherst Early Music Festival

Baroque Academy and the Opera Project (week 1), 
Ensemble Singing Intensive (week 2), and advanced recorder programs.
Flutes and Drums at the Amherst Early Music Festival (week 2 15-24 Jul 2012)

Julianne Baird   Letitia Berlin*
Saskia Coolen   Bruce Dickey**
Vittorio Ghielmi**   Myron Lutzke*
Kaspar D. Mainz*   Washington McClain*
Drew Minter*   Gwyn Roberts   Nina Stern**
Daniel Stillman**   Han Tol*   Glen Velez**
Reine-Marie Verhagen**  Wouter Verschuren
Brent Wissick**   Adam Woolf**
Collegium: Webb Wiggins*   Michael Barrett**

* Week 1 only   ** Week 2 only

Amherst Early Music, Marilyn Boenau, director

Visit the Amherst Early Music website for more information.