Books/Manuscript: (UK) Cambridge University Press: Coming Soon - The Cambridge History of Religions in America

Contributed by Admin on Apr 22, 2012

“The Cambridge History of Religions in America traces the historical development of religious traditions in America over three illuminating volumes:

Vol I:    From Prehistoric times until 1790
Vol II:   From 1790 until 1945
Vol III:  From 1945 to present day

Authoritative, bold and clear, this reference work documents the full range of religious diversity in American history, telling the story of a rich religious culture that includes representatives of most of the world's religions. …
  • An international team of leading scholars shed light on the complex relationships among religious communities
  • From prehistoric times to Present Day, explores the growth of distinctive theological ideas and religious practices
  • Situates the history of religions within the social, cultural and political life of America

Visit the Cambridge University Press web pages for more information as well as contact information for purchase of this work.