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Early Music Concerts 2011-2012: (US) Gotham Early Music Scene (GEMS) Newsletter (19 apr 2012)

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From the latest newsletter from Gotham Early Music Scene (GEMS)

GEMS has been working with Juilliard's Historical Performance Program since its inception to help broaden its reach by connecting in valuable ways with New York's professional early music community.  Among our projects are listing the graduation recitals offered by students about to leave the program and join our community as working musicians, and extending invitations to working professionals to attend special events at Juilliard, including their master classes, at no charge.  …

The most recent event was a master class offered by Skip Sempé, harpsichord virtuoso and founder/director of the Capriccio Stravagante orchestras and opera company.  Sixteen active musicians signed up to audit the class and share ideas with Mr. Sempé and the students. …”

We applaud GEMS continued support of Juilliard's Historical Performance Program and continued encouragement of growth of our “new and upcoming” early music performers. -- Mar Paré, Editor

Visit the GEMS [2] newsletter pages for more information of this wonderful initiative.


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