Books/Manuscript: (IT) LIM Antiqua "Antiquarian Booksellers, Autographs, Manuscripts, Music Books"

Contributed by Admin on Apr 30, 2012

For those of you interested in acquiring early music manuscripts, books, or collecting autographs, you may be interested in visiting the LIM Antiqua website. 

Here are some background notes regarding LIM Antiqua: …

Lim Antiqua, established in 1989, selects, studies and offers autographs, manuscripts and music. The items are classified in three departments: autographs, music and books. The department Autographs contains autographs and documents from XVI to XX century by musicians, poets, writers, kings and emperors, politicians, artists and scientistsfrom Italy, Europe and other continents. The department Rare Music and Printed Music contains manuscript and printed music: sheet music and scores, chamber music, opera and full scores. First and rare editions in leather binding, illustrated editions and collections of famous musicians. The department Books contains books on music. Biographies of composers, conductors, musicians and singers; librettos in first and rare editions. Every selected autograph is offered with a description and image. New collections are published also on paper catalogues. We send them free to our customers (collectors, libraries and archives). …”

Visit the LIM Antiqua website for more information.