Workshops/Festivals 2012

Workshops/Festivals 2012: (US) Lark Camp - Celebration Of World Music, Song & Dance (27 jul - 4 aug 2012 )

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Location: Mendocino, CA 95460 USA

32nd Year Of Lark Camp
Music and Dance from the World Over
Music, Song & Dance Workshops * Cabins * Dances * Parties * Sessions * Great Food * Dance Hall * Dining Hall * Camping * Fire Circles * Mendocino Woodlands Redwoods
Full Camp 8 Days or Half Camp 4 Days

Lark Camp
promotes worldwide understanding through music and dance.

Lark Camp provides an open forum for the exchange of creative ideas between musicians, singers, dancers and composers. The Lark Camp experience is enhanced by motivational instructors and inspired students, who also share their passions and skills with the rest of the participants.


  • Jason Adajian Morris & Sword Dance
  • Tami Allen Cajun Dance
  • Claudette Boudreaux Cajun Dance
  • Shirleigh Brannon Irish Step Dance, Irish Hardshoe & Light Shoe, Scottish Country Dance, Irish Ceili Dance, Battering Steps For Step Dance, Old Irish Style Step and Set Pieces Dance
  • Aliou Diouf Senegalese African Dance
  • Malaika Finkelstein Beginning Swing (East Coast & Charleston), Intermediate Swing (Lindy Hop)
  • Sharon Green English Country Dance
  • Erik Hoffman     Contras, Squares, Waltzes, Couple Dances, Ham-Bone
  • Annie Lee Senegalese African Dance
  • Antonea Leftheriotis     Greek Dance
  • Kumu Kalae Miles Hula
  • Natalie Nayun Tribal Style Belly Dance, Turkish Rom Belly Dance
  • Janis Reynolds     Irish Set Dance
  • Yael Schy Beginning/Intermediate Latin Dance, Salsa, Cumbia Merengue Dance, Thinking On Your Feet: Improvisation Theater Games
  • Adrienne Simpson Galician & French Dance
  • Sue Williard Balkan Dance


  • Joey Abarta Irish Uilleann Bagpipes, Uilleann Pipe Tune Favorites For Everyone
  • Tami Allen Cajun & Zydeco Slow Jam & Rub Board, Cajun Fiddle
  • Kim Atkinson Embody Rhythm, Brazilian Percussion, Hand Drumming
  • Edmond Badoux Music Of The Andes, Charango, Panpipe Ensemble
  • Vassil Bebelekov Bulgarian Tunes For All Instruments, Bulgarian Ensemble
  • Mark Bell Middle Eastern Drumming
  • Shay Black Irish Chorus, Sea Songs And More, Singing In A Session
  • Claudette Boudreaux Cajun & Creole Button Accordion, Cajun French Songs
  • David Brewer Irish Bodhran, Pennywhistle - The Whole Blad
  • Lorna Brown Piano Accordion
  • Carlo Calabi     Old Time Harmony Singing
  • Tesser Call Gaita 101: Easy Tunes and Technique for Beginning Gaita (Spanish Galician bagpipe)
  • Penny Cloud French Music For All Instruments
  • Dave Cory Irish Tenor Banjo Tunes & Techniques, Flatpicking Irish Tunes For Guitar In Standard Tuning
  • Heath Curdts Old Time 5 String Banjo
  • Aliou Diouf Senegalese African Drumming
  • Connie Doolan Swing Vocals
  • Jimmy Durchslag Jazz Ensemble, Latin Band Ensemble For All Instruments And Singers-Afro Cuban, Sone, Salsa Download music for Jimmy's Workshop
  • Sinan Erdemsel Turkish Music Ensemble
  • Chuck Ervin Beginning Bass, Intermediate Bass
  • Marla Fibish Irish Mandolin
  • Aryeh Frankfurter Intermediate/Advanced Celtic Harp, Swedish & Nordic Music For Nyckelharpa And All Instruments
  • Philip Gelb Shakuhachi Japanese Bamboo Flute
  • Nancy Gerell     Mexican Jam
  • Jack Gilder Irish Music on the Anglo System Concertina, Irish Flute
  • Miguel Govea Conjunto Ensemble, Tex-Mex & Cumbia Music, Guitarrone, Hand Percussion
  • Pete Grant Acoustic Lap Steel & Dobro Guitar
  • Wayne Hankin English Country Dance Band, Ensemble Singing, Silent Movie Orchestra
  • Erik Hoffman Contra Dance Band Lab For All Instruments
  • Washtub Jerry Learn Uke Chords Using Neighborhood Concept, Piano Chording
  • Myra Joy Cello Techniques & Ensemble, Around The World Slow String Jam
  • Wael Kakish Arabic Music Ensemble - Instrumental (Oud and others), Percussion (Darabukka & Tambourine) and Vocal (Simple Traditional Songs) from Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Jordan
  • Shira Kammen English Country Dance Band, Early Round Singing
  • Jeremy Kammerer Old Time Irish Music
  • Alan Keith Highland Bagpipes (All you need is a practice chanter.), Button Accordion
  • Rebecca King English Country Dance Music Slow Jam
  • Butch Kwan Blues For Guitar & Fiddle
  • Russ Landers African Music-Zimbabwean Marimba
  • Pam Laughlin Brazilian Choro Music, Gypsy Jazz Ensemble
  • Robert Laughlin Gypsy Jazz Guitar
  • Ian Law Galician Gaita (Spanish Bagpipe) Band
  • Wanda Law Irish Fiddle Basics For Beginners, Beginning Fiddle
  • Georgios Leftheriotis Greek Music & Fiddle
  • Frannie Leopold Old Time Harmony Singing, Jug Band Jam
  • Nada Lewis Romanian & Macedonian Music - Instrumentals & Vocals
  • Rebecca Lomnicky Scottish Fiddle Tunes & Technique
  • Lisa Lynne Beginning/Intermediate Celtic Harp, Getting Your Music Out Into The World
  • Eden MacAdam Somer Eastern European Fiddle Music, Swing Fiddle
  • Richard Mandel DADGAD Irish Guitar
  • Izzy Martin     Irish Slow Session
  • Kevin "Cody" McConnell Swing Guitar
  • Kumu Kalae Miles Hawaiian Ukulele, Hawaiian Songs
  • Gregg Moore World Band (Bring Your Band Instruments: Horns, Clarinets, Saxophones, Flutes, Piccolos, Drums Etc.) Brass Band Music From India, Serbia, Peru, Brazil, Africa, Surinam, Indonesia, Mexico, Bolivia And More
  • Amber Mueller Backup Old Time Guitar, Beginning Old Time Fiddle
  • Jim Mueller Old Time Fiddle Tunes, Beginning Old Time Fiddle
  • Mark Nelson Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar, Slack Key Style Ukulele
  • Jim Nunally Strumming For Bluegrass, Country And Folk Guitar, Bluegrass Guitar Walks and Runs
  • Jim Oakden Breton Music - Dance Tunes, Including Chording/Backup
  • Susan Peña Conjunto Ensemble, Guitar, Vocals
  • WB Reid Old Time String Band Songs, Intermediate Guitar
  • Dale Russ Intermediate & Advanced Irish Fiddle
  • Daniel Schoenfeld Irish Tune Swap
  • Erin Shrader Irish Songs & Fiddle
  • Bon Singer Advanced Balkan Singing Technique, Balkan Songs
  • John Skelton Rare Irish Flute Tunes For Any Instrument, Breton Music
  • Nils Olof Söderbäck Swedish Fiddling With Melody & Harmonies For All Instruments, Swedish Music For Piano Accordion, Minor Accordion Repair Self Help
  • Judy Stavely Old Time Slow Jam, Alternate Old Time Fiddle Tunings
  • Holly Tannen Song Writing - SongCraft I: New Songs From Old, SongCraft II: (Oriented towards people who have made up at least one song (words and music, new words to an old tune, or a poem set to your own music), but open to all.)
  • Simo Tesla Serbian/Balkan Ensemble. Folk Songs And Dances From Serbia And Other Balkan Countries. All Instruments And Vocalists Welcome
  • Larry Unger Fingerstyle Blues Guitar, Bottle Neck Guitar
  • Francy Vidal Music Of The Andes, Kena, Bombo, Andean Rhythms, Andean Panpipe Ensemble
  • Paul Wernick Greek & Rebetika Music Session
  • Vickie Yancy French Music & Button Accordion
  • Bonnie Zahnow Old Time Music Jam, Beginning Guitar
  • Radim Zenkl Swing Mandolin, Mandolin Orchestra (Guitars, Bouzoukis, Bass, All Plucked Strings Welcome)


  • Kathy Mowdy Hill Props and Costumes For Kids' Play
  • Wayne Hill Make And Play A Didgeridoo For Kids, Musical Safari For Kids
  • Butch Kwan Kids Guitar, Kids Fiddle
  • Mendocino Woodlands Naturalist Staff     Woodlands Nature Studies, Games & Crafts For Kids

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