Reviews 2012

Reviews 2012: (FR) Review by Pierre-Carl Langlais: "Andrieu Concludes His "Trilogie Jean Gilles" at Saint-Étienne" (17 may 2012)

Contributed by Admin on May 20, 2012

“May 2nd,  Jean-Marc Andrieu led the baroque orchestra “Les Passons” and the chambre choir “Les Éléments” at the Church Saint-Étienne of Toulouse. The group interpreted the “Te Deum” and the “Mass in D” by composer Jean Gilles. …” (translation -- Editor)

Visit the website to read the full review. (Note that the site in in French, however, you may visit the Google Translated site to read it in English -- not perfectly translated but well enough to read -- ed.)

Additional article by Michel Roubinet may be read on the Concertclassic website.  (Google English Translated site)