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Workshops (misc.): The Western Early Keyboard Association (WEKA) Workshop June 2nd

Contributed by Admin on Apr 28, 2007

"The Western Early Keyboard Association (WEKA) is planning a very exciting day of early keyboard activities in Seattle, Washington, on Saturday, June 2nd! We hope you can join us for the wonderful organ, harpsichord and fortepiano events that day! Pertinent information is below. Even if you can't attend the day's events, your membership in WEKA would support a wonderful new organization and would enable you to receive our newsletter and information on upcoming events.

In the morning the WEKA conference will take place at Saint Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral in Seattle’s Capitol Hill District. In the afternoon we will travel to Seattle’s Queen Anne District. The day’s activities (including brunch, lunch and hors d'oeuvres) are free to WEKA members. WEKA dues are $35 for a regular membership, $25 for a senior over 65 and $15 for a student. Nonmembers may participate in the day’s activities for $25. There will be an additional charge of $15 for students participating in a master class. " ...

"Contact Elaine Thornburgh at 415-387-6890 concerning participation in the master class. Please pre-register for the June 2 meeting by sending your check payable to MusicSources/WEKA Account, 1000 The Alameda, Berkeley, CA 94707.Presentations by Carole Terry and Roger Sherman will fill the morning. Carole Terry is professor of organ and harpsichord at the University of Washington, Seattle. Roger Sherman is the President of Loft Recordings & Gothic Records and the Host & Producer of the Organ Loft radio program. The afternoon will start with lunch at Queen Anne Christian Church. Following lunch Elaine Thornburgh will preside over a harpsichord master class involving college age and younger Northwest harpsichord students. Ms. Thornburgh performs o­n harpsichord throughout the United States as a soloist and in chamber ensembles. She teaches harpsichord at Stanford University and privately in the San Francisco Bay Area. Then gifted soprano Nancy Zylstra will present "Baroque Vocal Interpretation: A Partnership Between Singer and Accompanist.” The afternoon will conclude with a trip to the home of George Bozarth and fortepianist Tamara Friedman near Queen Anne Christian Church to see and hear a beautiful collection of early pianos and to enjoy wine and cheese together.June 2 promises to be a great day of learning and camaraderie! We hope a trip to Seattle and the beautiful Northwest can be in your plans!! For more detailed information please contact Barbara King at 360-293-4930.Barbara King, WEKA Co-Chair Anacortes, WA" Also see WEKA for more information.   

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