Workshops/Festivals 2012

Workshops/Festivals 2012: (SE) Stockholm Early Music Festival (SEMF) Christmas Edition 2012 (24 Nov 2012)

Contributed by Admin on Nov 12, 2012

Location: Stockholm, SE

“Welcome to an exclusive winter version of the festival, adapted to the cold season and Christmas celebrations, offering early music from afternoon to midnight! Indulge yourself with music, visual arts, storytelling, and historically inspired food.

Begin the day with Italian baroque, move on to medieval England and, later, the wonderful French performance "Monsieur Couperin's Laterna Magica." Round off the evening by lying comfortably back in the popular midnight concert. …

After the Baroque buffet, SEMF Christmas Edition continues with concerts which take place in smaller venues and are therefore performed twice. This means that there are two "routes" possible when navigating the evening's events. …“

Visit the Stockholm Early Music Festival (SEMF) Christmas Edition webpages for more information and of ticket availability. Reserve your tickets early!