Books/Manuscript: (FR) Review: "Collectionner la musique : érudits collectionneurs" (Collecting music: learned collectors) by Eusebius

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"Collectionner la musique : érudits collectionneurs" (Massip Catherine, Herlin Denis, De Wispelaere Valérie (éditeurs.), Collectionner la musique : érudits collectionneurs. Brepols, Turnhout 2015 [582 p. ; ISBN 978-2-503-55327-6 ; 100,00 €]) (release date: May 1, 2015).

In this blog post, Eusebius reviews the background leading to this particular publication. After a series of workshops with the common topic of research into the collection of music from learned collectors, Catherine Massip, Denis Herlin and Valérie De Wispelaere cooperate on a project ultimately leading to this particular release. In it we find mention of such names as from private manuscipt "collectionneurs" as ...

  • Louis Picquot first biographer of Boccherini where not exactly sure of the scale of his library of some signed manuscripts including also those of Brunetti, Cambini, Haydn et Viotti
  • Victor Schoelcher's collection of works by Haendel
  • Jean Bouhier, contemporary of Rameau whose collection of 25,000 works ranging from from 1690 et 1740 some of which of musical interest
  • etc.

Eusebius well puts into perspective the importance of this final collection of three works. Have a read ... review is in French but also included a link to a Google translation page.

Original review in French:

Google translated page: