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News 2015: (US) 2,600 Years of Western Culture Spread Across the Map in Five Minutes

Contributed by admin on Sep 14, 2015

"Culture spreads through people, but how does that really happen? This data visualisation from Nature Video charts the movement of 120,000 prominent cultural figures – predominantly European and North American – between 600 BC and 2012 CE, by plotting lines between where each one was born and died.  ...

The resulting map reveals not only how religion, technology, resources and mass migrations entwine with the spread of ideas and culture, but also the relative cultural dominance of different population centres over time. While limited by its Eurocentrism – reflecting history as written by the victors – the visualisation proves to be an interesting tool for reimagining history. ..."

Visit the Charting Culture website to read the complete description and video.