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News 2015: (US) San Francisco Classical Voice Article: "Nicholas McGegan: 30 Years and Counting with Philharmonia Baroque" (by Jason Victor Serinus)(29 Sep. 2015)

Contributed by admin on Oct 01, 2015

"Thirty years ago, the founder of Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra, early music crusader and harpsichordist Laurette Goldberg tapped Nicholas McGegan to become Philharmonia’s music director. Under “Nic’s” leadership, a five-year-old ensemble previously run by four ensemble musicians who conducted orchestra business in a spare bedroom in the back of soprano Judith Nelson’s house was transformed into one of the world’s most captivating period ensembles. ...

...  One measure of McGegan’s success is that the orchestra’s schedule has increased from approximately a dozen concerts a year to close to 40. Performing more frequently has helped Philharmonia develop a distinct sound that reflects, in part, McGegan’s irrepressible effervescence. ..."

Read the full and very detailed article on the San Francisco Classical Voice website.