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News 2015: (CA) Vinyl Record Sales and Commentary

Contributed by admin on Oct 14, 2015

While most of us have heard of the reappearance of the "vinyl record", there has been very little evidence, if any of its impact on the music industry ... and especially that of early music. It is quite obvious that the vinyl record pressing factories of yore have pretty well been reduced to just a few and struggling with sales. In the following piece that has appeared in the (UK) The Guardian, this whole question is taken up by its author giving us ...

a sobering view of its impact on what is obviously "pop" culture, most of which, could conceivably be applied to other genres of music fields.

So, is the venerable vinyl record making a comeback or is it just a "flash in the pan" event?

Have a read of the article and you be the judge. "UK vinyl boom sends prices spinning into 'premium' territory" (by  Caroline Sullivan, 13 Oct 2015)