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Early Music Concerts 2015-2016: (UK) Cambridge Early Music - La Serenissima Concert: "Vivaldi: Four Seasons" (21 Nov 2015)

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Location: Great St. Mary's Church, Cambridge CB2 3PQ, UK

"The Four Seasons remains the most popular piece of classical music of all time.  To celebrate their 21st anniverary year, La Serenissima will be presenting a programme of these fabulous concertos, performed using a new edition made by violinist Adrian Chandler from parts which are in the hand of Vivaldi’s father, Giovanni Battista; this source is housed in the Henry Watson Library, Manchester, and represents the only surviving manuscript version of these pieces.  The performance will incorporate Adrian Chandler’s latest research into the genre of The Seasons made popular by Theocritus and Virgil, whose pastoral and Arcadian writings had such a major influence on the neo-Platonists at the court of the Medici; this movement in turn influenced Vivaldi’s own sonnets written to accompany the concertos. ...

A true renaissance man, Vivaldi was at the forefront of baroque innovation and was keen to experiment with new textures and sound worlds.  To reflect this, The Four Seasons are accompanied by works for bassoon performed by Peter Whelan (“played with relish” according to Radio 3’s CD Review), including the famous La Notte concerto and another written for Wenzel von Morzin, the Bohemian count to whom was dedicated the published set of concertos containing The Four Seasons.  In addition, for the first time since the eighteenth century, La Serenissima will perform two of Vivaldi’s concertos for ‘prepared violin’, the violin in tromba marina.  Adrian Chandler, luthier David Rattray and Vivaldi expert Michael Talbot have teamed up to recreate this curious and loud instrument from evidence surviving in the archives of the Ospedale della Pietà, the famous foundling institution with which Vivaldi was associated for much of his career. ..."

Visit the Cambridge Early Music website [2] for more information and of ticket availability.


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