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Competitions 2015: (AT) Innsbruck Festival of Early Music: "French Alto wins 2015 Cesti Competition" (Aug 2015)

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"Anthea Pichanick won the first prize, followed by Ukrainian countertenor Konstantin Derri and Italian soprano Alice Rossi.

The 29-year-old French singer Anthea Pichanick won the 6th International Singing Competition for Baroque Opera Pietro Antonio Cesti. She was awarded the first prize (endowed with 4,000 Euros) at the final concert Tuesday night. The alto impressed the jury with an aria of Flammiro from Pietro Antonio Cesti’s opera “Le nozze in sogno” as well as with Orlando’s aria “Sorge l’irato nembo” from the Opera “Orlando Furioso” by Antonio Vivaldi. Anthea Pichanick also won the special prize for a performance at the Early Music Festival “Resonanzen” at the Vienna Konzerthaus. The French singer is a student of Montserrat Caballé.  ...

The second prize (3,000 Euros) was awarded to the 28-year-old Ukrainian countertenor Konstantin Derri, who, after an aria from Cesti’s opera, performed Rinaldo’s aria “Venti, turbine, prestate” from Handel’s opera of the same name. Already in 2014, Konstantin Derri had won the Ferruccio Tagliavini competition in Italy and since has performed at the Hamburg and Kiev operas.

The third prize (2,000 Euros) went to the 23-year-old Italian soprano Alice Rossi. After an aria from Cesti’s opera “Le nozze in sogno” she also performed an aria from the opera “Rinaldo”: Arminda’s “Molto voglio, molto spero”. ..."

Visit the Innsbruck Festival of Early Music website for more information of the winners and of other awarded competition prizes. A most heartfelt congratulations go out to the Cesti winners from (Marc Paré, editor)

Also visit the Innsbruck Festival of Early Music website to hear/view parts of the Cesti competition finals (CLICK HERE).