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News 2015: (US) NonProfit Quarterly Article: "A Tale of 11 Cities: New Data-Driven Assessment of the Nonprofit Arts Sector" (by Eileen Cunniffe, 02 Nov 2015)

Contributed by admin on Nov 08, 2015

"In 2006, the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance published its first Portfolio report, an assessment of the region’s cultural sector based on data from the then-fledgling Cultural Data Project (CDP), which launched in Pennsylvania in 2004. Subsequent Portfolio reports in ...

2008, 2011, and 2014 helped the Philadelphia region track its cultural sector ... Meanwhile, CDP has expanded into 11 additional states and the District of Columbia, allowing for standardization in data collection and analysis across nonprofit arts groups. Last week, the Cultural Alliance released 2015 Portfolio: Culture Across Communities, An Eleven-City Snapshot ..."

Visit the NonProfit Quarterly website to read the full article as well as visit the links included in the article. It may give you a better snapshot of the state of health of the arts sector in various state municipalities in comparison to your locality.