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Reviews 2015: (US) Article: "Singers reinventing choral sounds with old techniques" (by David Patrick Stearns, 08 Nov 2015)

Contributed by admin on Nov 11, 2015

"Often called "just intonation," the ancient system of chord building has been readopted by some modern composers intent on getting to the heart of musical science, and it is an important tool for getting inside the masterpieces of the past. ...

Another vocal group, Les Canards Chantants, which will lead a performance of the 40-voice, 16th-century Thomas Tallis motet Spem in alium over the weekend in the Philadelphia area, is firmly committed to just tuning. ...

Just intonation dates to the 6th century B.C. and is often attributed to the mathematician Pythagoras. It bases harmonic intervals on a succession of sound frequencies, with the side effect that not all harmonic intervals are of equal size. Thus, some modulations from one key signature to another can't be accomplished without tiny, unwanted dissonance creeping in.

During the Renaissance era, when music was considered a science as much as an art, just intonation had great credence. But with ..."

Visit the website to read the full article on the use of just intonation. Also hear a clip from the group "Les Canards Chantants" on SoundCloud.