Workshops/Festivals 2016

Workshops/Festivals 2016: (NL) La Pellegrina Workshops in the Czech Republic 2016 (14-24 Jul 2016 / 4-14 Aug 2016)

Contributed by admin on Nov 15, 2015

"The 2016 summer courses: three projects in the Czech Republic, Europe's most musical country. Projects in which you can immerse yourself in wonderful music, with top tutors and like-minded souls. The projects for 2016 are open to experienced musicians. Whether you're an amateur or professional, with La Pellegrina a professional attitude is of paramount importance.  ..."

2 of these may be of particular interest to early enthusiasts (editor)

1. Baroque Music in 415 Hz: Bach's Czech Contemporaries -- Bechyně, Czech Republic - 14 - 24 July

  • For: singers (soloists and highly experienced choral singers), instrumentalists (baroque strings, traverso/recorder, baroque oboe, baroque bassoon, baroque trumpet, trombone/sackbut, harpsichord/organ, theorbo; period instruments only, tuning pitch 415 Hz)
  • With Enrique Gómez-Cabrero Fernandez (orchestra, violin), Cassandra Luckhardt (orchestra, cello & gamba), Dirkjan Horringa (singers and artistic direction), Mitchell Sandler (singers) and Marco Vitale (basso continuo)
  • Central work for all: Jan Dismas Zelenka, Litaniae Omnium Sanctorum (1735)
  • Baroque chamber music for instrumental, vocal or combined vocal-instrumental ensembles
  • In Bechyně, 100 km south of Prague

2. Mozart's Messiah -- Bechyně, Czech Republic - 4 - 14 August

  • For: (choral and solo) singers, strings, winds and pianists; also open to existing ensembles
  • With Martina Bernášková, Petr Bernášek, Václav Bernášek, Pavel Hořejší, Dirkjan Horringa, Libor Nováček, Mitchell Sandler, Rudolf Sternadel and others
  • Central work for all: Handel's Messiah in the arrangement by Mozart, conducted by Dirkjan Horringa
  • Singers: a cappella chamber choir and large symphonic choir with orchestra
  • Instrumentalists: chamber music and large symphony orchestra
  • Everyone plays in two pre-formed ensembles. Existing ensembles are welcome
  • In Bechyně, 100 km south from Prague

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