Early Music Concerts 2015-2016

Early Music Concerts 2015-2016: (US) Salon Sanctuary Concerts: "Concertos, Sonatas, and Suites" (28 Nov 2015) -- Concert Notes

Contributed by admin on Nov 26, 2015

In its latest concert event, Salon Sanctuary Concerts shares with us well beforehand its concert notes. A nice and refreshing marketing initiative.

"The music on Saturday's program has little to do with the position for which Bach is most well known. As Cantor of Leipzig), Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) had no responsibility for writing instrumental chamber music. Most of that impetus came from two earlier professional engagements. The first was ...

Bach’s 1707-1717 stint as Kapellmeister in Weimar ... The second was his 1717-23 service to the Prince Leopold of Anhalt-Coethen as Kapellmeister..."

Visit the Salon Sanctuary website to read the full and complete concert notes ... and perhaps take in the concert on November 28th?

Monica Huggett, Bradley Brookshire, the Salon/Sanctuary Chamber Orchestra with James Waldo, cello
Saturday, November 28th 8:00pm
The Abigail Adams Smith Auditorium, 417 East 61st Street