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News 2015: (CA) Globe and Mail Review: "Review: In Mass Disruption, John Stackhouse charts the past and future of media" (by Clive Thompson, 13 Nov 2015)

Contributed by admin on Dec 02, 2015

"... we have the data, my friend, and they are sobering. As former Globe editor-in-chief John Stackhouse reports in his new book, when the paper analyzed its online traffic, they found that fully 40 per cent of the paper is read by fewer than 1,000 people. This benighted, much-ignored category includes “baseball, tennis and theatre reviews” – basically, a lot of arts and culture coverage. ...

... Why is this cultural category so ill-read? There are a lot of factors at work, but it’s partly because the Internet is abrim with commentary, some of it extremely good, and possibly better than what you’re reading here right now. Publishing used to be incredibly hard; it is now ridiculously easy. For nearly two centuries, newspapers had ..."

Visit The Globe and Mail online website to read the full review of today's state of hardcopy newspaper readership.