Workshops/Festivals 2016

Workshops/Festivals 2016: (NO) Barokksolistene "The Early Joke" Programme

Contributed by admin on Dec 02, 2015

"Is humour an ancient human practice or a modern concept? Opinions differ – but either way, humour communicates something fundamental about society and what it means to be human.  ... From the Renaissance onward, a large quantity of music directly connected to the carnival is known – jesting dances and, perhaps more surprisingly, a considerable number of grotesque texts accompanied by music that does not, as in the pieces by Lassus, Willaert, and Gabrieli, differ noticeably from more serious compositions.  ...

... 17th century Europe suffered a constant onslaught of war, plague, and invasions.In 1673, Biber composed his “Battalia”, depicting different scenes before, during, and after a battle. Dedicating it to the god of wine, Bacchus, he employed a wide variety of humorous and experimental devices highlighting his ridicule of harsh everyday reality – with a sardonic grin. ...

Visit the Barokksolistene website to read the complete commentary on humour in early music as well as listen to audio samples.

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